24 Hour Holter Monitor (Ambulatory Monitor)

Holter Monitoring is a continuous recording of your heart rhythm for 24 hours while you perform normal daily activities. The purpose of this monitoring is to detect the presence of abnormal heart rhythms, to evaluate the effectiveness of heart medications, to rule out the heart as the cause of your symptoms (dizziness, palpitations, fainting spells), to evaluate pacemaker function and to determine if the heart is receiving an adequate blood supply.



  • Areas of your chest will be cleansed with an abrasive alcohol pad

  • Several electrodes (adhesive patches) are placed on your chest, attached to wires and connected to a small, portable recorder

  • Recorder is placed in a disposable pouch with a strap placed over your shoulder

Special Instructions while Wearing Holter Monitor:

  • All wires and electrodes must remain in place for the entire 24 hour period

  • Do not allow electrodes, wires or recorder to become wet - Do not take a bath, shower or swim while wearing monitor

  • Avoid coming into contact with electric blankets, magnets or metal detectors during monitoring period

  • A diary will be provided for you to record all activities and symptoms. Please include the time of your activities and/or symptoms.

  • Please report to the Cardiology office to have the recorder removed at the time provided by the Holter Technician along with the completed diary.

Your monitor recordings will be scanned by a computer and interpreted by a Cardiologist. A complete report of the Holter Monitor test results will be sent to your physician who ordered the Holter Monitor.